The Arthritis Society

Fact: 1 in 5 Canadians live everyday with arthritis.

Fact: Two thirds of Canadians who use medical cannabis do so to help manage their arthritis symptoms.


Frontier Wellness Rx is proud to partner with the Arthritis Society.


The Arthritis Society has three core competencies that it focuses on to help patients across Canada. Please visit The Arthritis Society’s website to learn more.

Strategic First Nations Partnership

The Indigenous population appear predisposed to elevated instances of a variety of common ailments and disease. Most often Diabetes, Depression, Arthritis, Cancer and substance abuse.

It has been estimated that an astonishingly large percentage of the First Nation population suffer from one or more of these diagnosis and/or symptoms. Often times, these symptoms often manifest into physical chronic pain.

At Frontier Wellness Rx, our team is committed to assist the patient by alleviating their symptoms and in some cases eliminating the condition. Working in conjunction with allied health partners and implementing a individualized medical cannabis therapy to promote wellness, Frontier Wellness Rx is able to prescribe medical cannabis therapies for the patient.

When used as a conjunctive therapy, medical cannabis and the education our team provides, increases success rates and allows the patient to be involved with their care and course of action surrounding their health.

Currently, we have established relationships with Treaties 3, 9 and Robinson Superior whose population is known to be more than 110,000.

Through these partnerships, the number of individuals that Frontier Wellness Rx can reach substantial. With the ease of online appointments or in clinic visits; we feel confident that educating is the key to success for our patients. Additionally Frontier Wellness Rx is committed to donating 5% of the prescription value ordered by and patient referred to us by these groups back to the groups as a sign of support.

Ontario Métis Aboriginal Association

The Ontario Métis Aboriginal Association or OMAA is an association representing The Woodland Métis tribe and their wishes.

Since its inception, the OMAA has faced many challenges and obstacles and continues to deal with issues to ensure the members recognition and inclusion with all things Aboriginal. The organization has made it clear in mandate and practice that OMAA will work with all Aboriginal groups and peoples to resolve problems and move forward in a progressive manner.

OMAA feels that the legal, political and academic emphasis of the last decade on the prairie Métis populations has resulted in a lack of recognition and accommodation of Métis elsewhere in Canada – it is this imbalance which The Woodland Métis Tribe aspires to negate. As Woodland Métis and Aboriginal Peoples we must work collectively to stress the need for recognition and acceptance as a distinct Aboriginal society using historic Aboriginal titles and treaty rights as a basis of claim.

Frontier Wellness Rx is proud to partner with OMAA as the challenges faced by the OMAA are substantial. The strong partnership will see that members of OMAA are treated with the utmost care from Frontier Wellness Rx and 5% of the prescription value from all referred patients will be donated back to OMAA to help support their cause.

Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek First Nations

Bingwi Neyaashi Anishnaabek’s (BNA) is committed to building a healthy, prosperous, and environmentally self-sustaining community through, several community development projects and initiatives that will serve and support generations to come. In order to achieve this goal the BNA has several initiatives and programs around the following guidelines:

  • Listening to, and respecting elders;
  • Providing opportunities for our youth;
  • Fostering a strong cultural identity while practicing and protecting our inherent rights;
  • Protecting and respecting Mother Earth;
  • Working together in harmony in achieving economic independence;
  • Promoting health, education, and training; and,
  • Providing equal opportunities for all.

Frontier Wellness Rx is proud to support and partner with Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek. Our partnership ensures that members in need will receive the highest level of support from Frontier Wellness Rx, and we will donate 5% of the prescription value of patients that are referred to us back to Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek to help them achieve their goals.

MS Society of Canada (North-West Region)

The MS Society provides services to people with multiple sclerosis and their families, it also funds research to find the cause and cure for this disease. The MS Society of Canada has a membership of 17,000 and are the only national voluntary organization in Canada that supports both MS research and services. Founded in 1948, the core support of the MS Society has been from tens of thousands of dedicated individuals, companies and foundations in communities across Canada.

Some 1,500 volunteers serve on MS Society national, division and chapter boards and committees. An estimated 13,500 women and men are volunteers for service programs, fundraising events, public awareness campaigns and social action activities.


Prospective 2019 Referring Partners of Frontier Wellness Rx

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  • Canadian Mental Health
  • Canadian Diabetes Society
  • Canadian Lupus Society
  • Fort William First Nations
  • Treaty 3 Lac Des Mille Lac First Nation
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