How long will my first appointment be?
For your first appointment, you should budget up to 60 minutes.  This includes time to see the doctor, educate yourself via our educational exhibits, and discuss your LP (Licensed Producer) selection and requirements with a Cannabis Educator. The initial visit may not take this long but will depend on your condition.


How long will my follow-up appointment be?
Usually 10-15 minutes.


How long does the renewal process take?
The staff at Frontier Wellness Rx will book a follow up visit for you before your medical document expires. A new medical document will be written, and it must be filed with your Licensed Producer.  A cannabis Educator will then have a quick chat to monitor your progress and identify possible needed tweaks. As well as look over your order history and dosing journal.


Can my medical documents be emailed for renewal?
No. It’s important to see your doctor for follow-up, just as you would with any medication.


After registration is complete with a Licensed Producer, can my original medical document be returned to me?
No, Health Canada requires the LP to keep the original medical document. You have the right to change LPs, though, and that would require cancellation of the current LP. Contact them as soon as possible for instructions or subsequently identify with the Cannabis educator, and a notice of cancellation will be sent on your behalf.


How do I obtain my cannabis?
The staff at Frontier Wellness Rx  will advise you on which type/strain of cannabis is best for your personal needs. Once the LP verifies all the documents, the patient will be able to place your order either online or by phone. Your cannabis (medicine) is then shipped directly to your home or mailing address.



Do you have a minimum age policy
Yes, Frontier Wellness Rx can only serve patients who are 18 years or older.


Can I just walk into the clinic and wait to see a doctor?
Since our Health care practitioners (HCPs) are likely busy with pre-booked appointments, please reach out before your visit to avoid disappointment. You can view the recommended steps in on our “Patients” page.


How do I register and get approved to buy medical cannabis?
First, make an appointment with a Healthcare Practitioner at Frontier Wellness Rx. If cannabis could be an option for you, the Healthcare Practitioner will issue a medical document. Next, chat with our Cannabis Educators to help you choose an LP of medical cannabis.


Once I’ve completed my forms, how long does the registration process take?
Each Licensed Producer has different turnaround times. Verification may take one to three days. Once your Medical Document has been verified, you will receive your unique patient ID number and you can start to order. Many LPs will email you this number, and a physical welcome kit will arrive by standard mail later. Ask our Cannabis Educators which LP’s currently have short verification times as some can do it in under 3 business days. Currently, we are working on an online platform that will make the registration, verification, and order immediate.


Does signing up on my LP’s website make me a “Registered patient?”
No, although registering with the LP will identify you in there system you do not become a registered patient until your medical document has been sent and verified by the LP selected by you and your Cannabis Educator. The medical document issued can then be securely registered for you by Frontier Wellness Rx with the Licensed Producer.


If I am already a registered patient, how do I update my personal information?
Please sign-in to our patient portal and update your information.


Is it possible to register with multiple Licensed Producers of medical cannabis?
You may select a maximum of two LPs to fulfill your prescribed dosage. It is then divided between them.


If I am an existing MMAR (Marijuana Medical Access Regulations) patient, can I use my previous MMAR license to register under the ACMPR?
No, a new document must be provided. Please contact us for an appointment.


My physician does not like medical cannabis. Can my LP help me find a local physician or nurse practitioner who does?
Although many Licensed Producers will refer you, it is faster for you to book an appointment directly with us.


Costs & Fees

How much does a visit cost?
Frontier Wellness Rx does not charge patients for visits. It’s the same as seeing your regular doctor.


Is there a cancellation fee?
Not for first time cancellations. Cancelling within 24 hours of an upcoming appointment may result in a cancellation fee.


Is shipping included in the price of my medicine?
The shipping price is not generally included in the price for cannabis. Many LPs offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount.


Legal Aspects

Can I travel with my medical cannabis?
Yes, within Canada. Keep your medication in the original container from the LP; your information ensuring you’re  legal is printed on it. Note that you cannot transport more than one month’s supply at a time.

For airline travel, place the cannabis in your carry-on luggage. You also should carry your LP patient card at all times. Most LP’s no longer give out patient cards. These were often referred to as “green cards”.


If I get stopped by law enforcement, what is my proof that I can legally carry medical marijuana?
Very few LP’s will issue you a wallet card that you should keep with you at all times. Otherwise, you will need your government issued ID and your medication in its original packaging with your name on it.


What documentation do I use as proof that I’m allowed to possess medical cannabis?
Very few LP’s will issue you a wallet card.Therefore It’s best to keep it with you at all times, as you would a driver’s license or other government issued I.D.


How much medical cannabis am I legally allowed to carry?
One month’s supply per your medical document.


Is it okay to drive after using medical cannabis?
Impaired driving laws are applicable to users of medicinal cannabis.


Can I register with an LP using my pre-existing Authorization to Possess (ATP) from Health Canada?
No, Health Canada requires a medical document to be submitted.


If my medical document is expired, am I still OK if I get stopped by law enforcement?
No. It’s important to stay current. Law enforcement would have no way to know that you were still approved as a medical cannabis patient.



Experts / Health Care Practitioners (HCP’s)

What is the role of the HCP’s at Frontier Wellness Rx?
The HPC’s assess each patient individually and in confidence. They decide whether medical cannabis would be appropriate. If so, they assign a starting dosage in the form of a medical document. They also conduct the follow-up appointments to monitor patient results and to address any questions about the treatment.


What are Frontier Wellness Rx Cannabis Educators’ qualifications?
Each Cannabis Educator has been fully trained by Frontier Wellness Rx. Some have studied medical cannabis and/or Health Canada regulations academically. A majority of Cannabis Educators have some form of academia in health studies. Most Cannabis Educators are patients just like you, so they can likely relate to what you are discussing with them.


What is the availability of the HCP after my first visit?
If you need a follow-up appointment prior to the standard follow-up scheduled at the first visit, please request one. We’re here to help. If your follow-up pertains more to the medical cannabis itself, your LP might be the best to advise.


What is the availability of a Cannabis Educator after my first visit?
You can chat with a Cannabis Educator anytime during normal clinic hours. Although we’re happy to help, often your LP is the best resource for questions related to availability of stock, Your Cannabis Educator has advanced knowledge in why and what strains are best suited for your individual needs.




Myth: Cannabis makes you stupid and/or forgetful.
Short term memory is reduced in a person  who is under the influence of cannabis. Don’t try to learn new things while affected to this degree, if you ever are. Most patients micro-dose to feel better. This allows them to use their medication without non desirable effects..

There is NO evidence that it affects long-term memory, learning ability, or IQ.


Myth: Cannabis is harmful to health.
The plant has a 12,000-year history in humankind. There are numerous peer-reviewed medical publications stating NO evidence of health hazards, and many studies the world over are ongoing to uncover the healing potential of cannabis.

No one has ever died from a cannabis overdose.

Some patients have risk factors which the Healthcare Practitioner  might decide makes a patient unsuitable for cannabis medication. That’s why Health Canada requires a medical document for medical cannabis.

Remember that cannabis does not have to be inhaled. If you prefer inhaling, please vaporize instead of smoking. This allows for achieving the best therapeutic results and ultimate patient efficacy.


Myth: Cannabis makes you lazy and unmotivated.
Your medication will do what you choose it for. For example:

Sativa based cannabis can be highly motivating and energizing. Patients report clarity, focus, better athletic endurance, and happier attitude.

Indica based cannabis can help you relax and prepare for sleep. Patients report relief from the day’s stresses and rejuvenating sleep that leaves them refreshed and ready for the day.


Myth: Cannabis is stored in fat cells for a very long time.
It is true that most drugs enter the body’s fat cells and therefore are detectable long after their use. However, it is only residue, with no lasting effect. The residue is not harmful or impairing in any way.


Myth: Cannabis users are criminals.
Actually, more serious, violent crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol (which is a drug, though we sometimes forget). Cannabis actually  reduces aggression.

As for possession crimes, the definition of crime is at the discretion of your country. Unfortunately, the laws are not necessarily fact-based. There is a good reason why Canada has legalized cannabis.


Myth: No one of caliber uses cannabis.
If it was good enough for Queen Victoria and Abraham Lincoln, maybe it’s good enough for us. There are many other examples of respected individuals who have used cannabis, many of them living long, healthy lives.


Myth: Cannabis is a gateway drug, leading to the use of more potent drugs.
There is no evidence of cannabis leading to the use of other drugs. It is in fact used as part of a treatment plan to ease people addicted to harmful substances off their habit, reducing painful withdrawal symptoms and helping them stay off “the hard stuff”.

Naysayers often play with statistics. For example it could be argued that almost 100% of alcoholics have eaten tomatoes. We likely all agree there is no correlation between tomatoes and drug use.


Myth: Cannabis these days is far stronger than in the past.
There are a number of theories on why this belief is making the rounds. The primary suspect is the small sampling taken, and the fact that the samples are black market street cannabis which might not be pure. Pure meaning a variety of strains all mixed together which can cause undesired effects as a medicine. Street cannabis is not medical cannabis.

To a patient, increased strength means value for the dollar because very little is needed to relieve symptoms.


Myth: Cannabis is addictive.
There is nothing in cannabis to cause physical dependence. Your body’s endocannabinoid system does not “crave” cannabinoids even if it is deficient. Unfortunately, the words addiction, dependency, and habit are used interchangeably, but they don’t mean the same thing. We are dependent on food and water to survive; are we addicted to them? Many people complain that they are addicted to coffee and sugar. They will miss them if they stop “cold turkey”, but they won’t die. We might have old habits that are hard to break or new habits that are hard to form. That’s human nature.