Frontier Wellness Rx

Frontier Wellness Rx is a growing medical cannabis company focused on providing the highest quality of care and wellness information through our network of medical professionals.

Frontier Wellness Rx currently has one clinic in Thunder Bay Ontario providing patients with an in-person outlet to speak to a medical professional about medical cannabis. In 2019, Frontier Wellness Rx will seek to open a new clinic in Sault Saint Marie and several other locations.

In addition to the clinic, Frontier Wellness Rx has created Frontier Connect. An online platform with the goal of providing online and remote medical services which expand our reach to patients far beyond Thunder Bay. Through our regional clinic network, we will provide both in person appointments, as well as, state of the art online telehealth that allows patients to connect via iOS, Android, or personal computer from the comfort of their home.

In addition to the online platform and clinic, Frontier Wellness Rx is committed to being more involved in the community. To achieve this goal, Frontier Wellness Rx has created several key partnerships to reach prospective patients in need. These partners include: The Arthritis Society of North-Western Ontario, First Nations treaties 3, 6, and 9, The Ontario Metis and Aboriginal Association, Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaavek First Nations groups, and the MS Society of Canada (North-West Region). All of our partnerships include a charitable 5% donation back to the partner with the goal of finding long term solutions to the underlying affliction.

Frontier Wellness Rx has a preferred focus on organic medical cannabis and can streamline the entire patient process from assessment with a health care practitioner. Our unique system allows a patient and educator to receive immediate approval and then order a prescription bypassing the typical 4 or 5 day processing time.

Frontier Wellness Rx has four core fundamental principles that allow us to set ourselves apart and are what the company focuses on to achieve growth.

Four Core Fundamental Principles

  • Assessment

A health care practitioner will thoroughly evaluate and review each patient’s medical and drug history in order to provide a full evaluation and recommendation based on the patient’s specific condition, illness or disease.

  • Education

Cannabis 101; understanding what it is and how it works. Which illnesses, diseases and conditions are best suited for medical cannabis therapy. We will evaluate an individual therapy plan which includes: determining the proper strain, route of administration, and dosing regime.

  • Advise

Experienced advice from our health care providers and educators on proper prescriptions and dosage to help patients gain control of their health and well-being. This includes assistance with the ordering of prescriptions from our preferred Health Canada approved licensed producers.

  • Monitoring

Following each appointment, the patient will book a follow up appointment. Telephone or email follow up will occur routinely. Support is available as needed by email or telephone.