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Arthritis society

Frontier Wellness Rx is proud to partner with the Arthritis Society.

The Arthritis Society has three core competencies that it focuses on to help patients across Canada. Please visit The Arthritis Society’s website to learn more.

Referral Process

Please submit a referral form along with reports from investigations and letters from consultants that confirm the diagnosis.

If a physician referral is not attainable, a Self-Referral Form is available for patients over the age of 25.

Medical Cannabis Assessment − patients will be assessed by one of our physicians to determine if medical cannabis is an appropriate treatment. You will receive a consultation letter from us detailing the course of action.

Ongoing − patients will be seen for follow−up visits as needed. As part of our commitment to medical cannabis research, patients may be asked to enroll in ongoing studies.

Family Physician

Have a physician complete a Physician Referral Form. Please ensure to download the form you need first. You can then choose to open from your computer and fill in the PDF or print and complete by hand.

Canada’s premier provider of medical cannabis and cannabis education

At Frontier Wellness Rx, we provide patients with the highest level of care and strive to improve the quality of a patients life through cannabis therapy. We aim to empower patients through education and therapeutic uses of cannabis. Our team is always available to determine if cannabis is a suitable option and our educators will guide you throughout the process.


Frontier Wellness Rx currently has a clinic in Thunder Bay Ontario and also has an online telehealth platform to serve all Canadian residents from the comfort of their own home. To learn more information please click here.

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